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Yamaha ATV Piston Kit

Yamaha ATV Piston Kit

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Piston Kit (NA-40003) by Namura®. Quality materials mean increased longevity and continued performance. A critical aspect of any rebuild, gaskets are often given little thought. However, the right materials can make all the difference.


  • Machined smooth piston crown to reflect combustion heat while reducing carbon buildup
  • Hard anodized piston crown with a hardness of HRB 105
  • MOS2 coating to draw heat through piston walls and out the bottom
  • Minimized piston expansion and contraction
  • Pistons are more resistant to wear and scuffing, expand less with heat and are stronger
  • Higher Performance piston without a higher price
  • Carefully developed for the highest level of quality
  • Unsurpassed in functionality and reliability
  • Ready to serve reliably for years to come


  • Pistons
  • Rings
  • Circlips

Why replace your cylinder when you can replace the piston for a fraction of the cost and time? Namura offers direct replacements for the original equipment as well as hi-compression and a variety of oversizes to meet your ride’s needs. They are available in 0.25mm increments, from the -1 (0.25mm) through the -8 (2mm) oversize. Namura also carry B (0.01mm) and C (0.02mm) oversizes which help extend the life of your expensive coated cylinders; a selection of big bore piston kits is available for some applications. Combine this with the MOS2 coating and hard anodizing, Namura gives you a higher performance piston without the higher price.

Namura piston kits come with the piston individually wrapped; a set of OEM quality rings packed in their own box, a wrist pin, and circlips.

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