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KTM Easy Pull Clutch Lever - Orange

KTM Easy Pull Clutch Lever - Orange

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--Material: Aluminum
--Surface: Anodization --
Processing: CNC-machined

-Significant reduction in actuation force.
With ordinary levers the force required to pull the lever is 4.688KG.
With our clutch lever, it has been cut down to 2.61KG(5.75 lbs), a 44% reduction in actuation force, which means less fatigue during high intensity race conditions.
The bearing is of high quality, wear resistant and reduces frictional drag.
Our shorty clutch lever enables you to squeeze the lever to the bar thoroughly.
 The stopper at the end of the lever prevents accidental release while riding hard on bumpy trail. 
The widened lever distributes the contact pressure on your fingers reducing load concentrations that induce blistering.
Convey a sense of lightness thanks to the premium aerospace-grade aluminum.  
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