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KTM Connecting Rod Kit

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Product Type: Connecting Rod

Product Vendor: Hot Rods

Product SKU: ROD8663

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Product Details

  • Hot Rods are double forged to improve grain flow and maintain dimensional consistency
  • Hot Rods are shot peened to eliminate surface stress risers and fatigue durability is improved two times over a forged rod, and over eight times when compared to a polished rod
  • Double honing produces an ultra round bearing surface (50 millionths tolerance), producing a reliable high RPM connecting rod


  • Connecting Rod Big End I.D: 41mm
  • Connecting Rod Big End Width: 19.900mm
  • Connecting Rod Center-to-Center: 102mm
  • Connecting Rod Small End I.D: 18mm
  • Connecting Rod Small End Width: 17mm
  • Engine Type: 4-Cycle
  • Includes: Connecting Rod, Crank Pin and Crank Pin Bearing
  • Pin Length: 60mm

    PART 8627 INFO:

    Connecting Rod Big End I.D: 28mm
    Connecting Rod Big End Width: 15.900mm
    Connecting Rod Center-to-Center: 110mm
    Connecting Rod Small End I.D: 19mm
    Connecting Rod Small End Width: 17.900mm
    Engine Type: 2-Cycle
    Includes: Connecting Rod, Crank Pin, Crank Pin Bearing, Wrist Pin Bearing and Thrust Washers
    Pin Length: 54.800mm
    Washer THK: 1mm

    PART 8668 INFO:


  • Connecting Rod Big End I.D: 28mm
  • Connecting Rod Big End Width: 15.900mm
  • Connecting Rod Center-to-Center: 118mm
  • Connecting Rod Small End I.D: 20mm
  • Connecting Rod Small End Width: 15.900mm
  • Engine Type: 2-Cycle
  • Includes: Connecting Rod, Crank Pin, Crank Pin Bearing, Wrist Pin Bearing and Thrust Washers
  • Pin Length: 54.900mm
  • Washer THK: 1mm


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