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Husqvarna Clutch Kits

Husqvarna Clutch Kits

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    Tusk Clutch Kits make great replacements to wore out and slipping clutches on motorcycles and ATV’s. Quality drive and friction plates are made with precision to ensure tight tolerances in the clutch basket and inner hub. Quality cork-based friction plates offer a great feel and strong engagement.
  • Includes the full set of friction plates and drive plates.
  • Drive plates are made from steel which outlast stock alloy units and prevent heat distortion.
  • Increased flywheel effect of steel plates improves power spread.

    *Before installing your Tusk Clutch Kit, be sure to remove all of your stock friction plates, drive plates, and any spacers or clutch boss springs (if applicable). Your Tusk Clutch Kit will be replacing your entire stock clutch stack.
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