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GPX 5.5 V19.2 White/Black

GPX 5.5 V19.2 White/Black

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Leatt has always created premium products where maximum safety is at the top of the priority list. The GPX 5.5 has the same specifications as its carbon fibre-constructed big brother GPX 6.5. The difference between these two is the shell. This one is made of composite and weighs about 100g more than GPX 6.5.

This is a helmet that gets top ratings in safety, comfort and design. When you look at the helmet you can see that it has slightly different shapes compared to other brands. The entire lower part is designed to be compatible with Leatt's neck protection. The rest is optimized for ventilation and safety. There are eleven large ventilation ports that keeps the helmet comfortably cool. In addition, the EPS is has a total of 190 small holes that will dissipate moisture and keep a comfortable temperature inside the helmet.

Smart technical solutions have always been characterized by Leatt. This helmet is really no exception. The cheek pads are made of a low-friction material that makes the helmet easy to take off in case an accident has happened. The helmet peak will break in case of an accident to prevent an unnatural rotation or bend. The ventilation is so precisely designed that it operates even at low speeds. Injected V-shaped EPS for maximum shock absorption.

- Three shells sizes.
- High-quality ventilation.
- V-shaped injected EPS.
- Helmet peak with breakpoints.
- 190 small ventilation holes in the EPS.
- Eleven large ventilation valves.
- Cheek paddings made of low friction material.
- Optimal fit with Leatt Brace.
- Lightweight and world-leading safety.
- 360° rotation protection (turbine technology).

These helmets are relatively small in sizes, so choose one size larger than you normally would.

Approved according to ECE 22.05 and DOT.

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