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CV Boot Kit AXLE-17.25mm, BIG END-62.75mm, HEIT-86.78

CV Boot Kit AXLE-17.25mm, BIG END-62.75mm, HEIT-86.78

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CV boots are the protective rubber boots that cover the flexible ends of the drive axles. The boot has an accordion like appearance with a large end and a small end resembling a funnel. The CV boots are attached to the axle with a metal band clamp on either end of the boot, which presses the CV boots against the axle to keep them in place. Special grease contained within each boot lubricates the CV joint. CV boots keep the grease from drying out and also keep dirt and grit from mixing with the grease. Contaminated grease forms an abrasive paste that can quickly damage the CV joint.

Regular checks and maintenance of the CV boots and axles can save you money. The parts must be kept greased and free from grit and dirt. Even a small amount of contamination can damage or destroy your axle assembly. Pay attention to any sign of defect in the CV boot immediately, such as leaks or breakage

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