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80/100-12 M404

80/100-12 M404

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The M403/M404 is one of Bridgestone’s most versatile off-road tires for small/mini bikes.  As our do-it-all off-road tire in these sizes, the M403/M404 is an all-terrain motorcycle tire that crosses well between soft, intermediate, and hard terrain.

Designed by Bridgestone in these size tires for motocross and off-road, the tread design and rubber compound were derived directly from racing with the top SX/MX and Off-Road teams.

Despite being an intermediate, the M403 front tire offers excellent bite, Cornering Control, and feedback even at full lean angles. Meanwhile, the M404 rear tire likes to slide. This front/rear combination is great at pivoting the bike on the front tire while steering and sliding with the rear.

  • Race-proven Tread Design Patterns & Rubber Compounds.
  • Fine-Tuned Casing Constructions.
  • Derived from top factory SX/MX and Off-Road Racing Technologies.
  • Good durability & covers a wide range of soils.
  • M404 offers Traction & Slide Control for strong acceleration out of corners.
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