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Automatic Transmission Oil - 1L

Automatic Transmission Oil - 1L

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The Motul ATF VI is a modern automatic transmission fluid (ATF) especially designed for the requirements of GM Dexos VI and Ford Mercon LV. Because of the current approvals, the Motul ATF VI is suitable for modern automatic transmission fluids, power steerings and gear boxes

Because of the modern additive technology, the Motul VI shows an improved aging stability and delivers the optimal performance. The low viscosity grade secures a perfect flow attitude during different temperature and performance conditions. 

The modern additive packages of the Motul ATF 6 makes it mixable with all other Dexron approvals. Filled in your ATF, power steering or gearbox, the Motul lubricant secures the best mechanical performance. It improves the shifting attitude and reduces fuel consumption. 

  • Smooth running ATF
  • Opel GM Dexron VI and Ford Mercon LV specifiations
  • Suitable for ATF+3 and ATF+4
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