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Low Pro Rebound Grips - Black

Low Pro Rebound Grips - Black

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Tag Metals started in 1998 in San Diego, California to provide the off-road MC & ATV rider community with the highest quality handlebars, grips, sprockets and accessories. Tag Metals became the choice of professional factory racing teams including KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha and many of the top factory supported satellite teams like Rockstar Suzuki. Legends like Carmichael, Stewart, Millsaps all grew up with the Tag Metals brand. Today, Tag Metals also as the support of some of the top influencers and professional riders in the world including Josh Hansen, Matt Bisceglia, Malcolm Stewart, Twitch, Axel Hodges, Robby Bell and Russell Bobbitt.


  • The REBOUND TECHNOLOGY grip matrix surrounds the grip in a DNA-modeled molecular structure. This places more cushioning material in strategic places along the entire shaft of the grip.
  • Minimal grip diameter.
  • Superior shock absorption; no more blisters.
  • More traction than any other grip.
  • Softest compound material of any grip on the market.
  • Dual compound with rebound technology.
  • New Low-Pro style is 20% narrower than standard grips.
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