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KTM Quiet Slip On Muffler

KTM Quiet Slip On Muffler

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Quiet Slip On Muffler
DMC delivers big gains in acceleration, horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band. Proper muffler length, core diameter, and packing are all balanced to work with your stock midpipe and release power on demand. DMC has captured additional strength and critical weight savings by utilizing extruded alloy and T-304 Stainless Steel construction. Muffler comes equipped with AMA/FIM approved end-cap and U.S. Forestry approved, removable screen spark arrestor. Silencer is easily re-packable in minutes. The perfect exhaust for those serious about your sport!

Quiet Slip On under 96db
11% Increase in Torque
8% Increase in Horsepower
3 lbs. weight savings over stock

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