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140/80-18 - 6 Days - Extreme

140/80-18 - 6 Days - Extreme

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Extreme traction
The specific distribution and shape of the knobs along with their sharp edge provides the best traction on all terrains and in all racing field.

Rear sizes feature also a smooth contour design which lends to includes more knobs under the footprint area that ensures both traction and wear resistance.
The main benefits of the 6 DAYS EXTREME tread design are:

  • Extreme traction
  • Self-cleaning
  • Precision in straights and braking stability
  • Cornering stability
  • Lateral support
Terrain versatility
Enduro competitions take place on several different types of terrains and tyre versatility is mandatory to ensure winning performance. 

6 DAYS EXTREME features a high-resistance carcass material with remarkable dampening characteristics that provide great versatility on different terrains, predictable behavior and feedback to the rider in all situations.

Knob resistance to tear and wear
The compound development of MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME is focuses on high performance carbon black filler, capable to provide heat resistance to knobs, greatly stressed during the racing activity.

The specific polymers of the compound grant also chemical and mechanical grip on both dry and slippery surfaces, better resistance against abrasion, cuts and tears.

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