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Billy Bolt on Top in Krakow

Ever wondered where the rest of the top international riders were when the Roof of Africa took place ? They all went to Poland, Krakow to battle it out in a SuperEnduro event.

The weekend of the 7th December 2019 some of the top riders of the world entered the SuperEnduro event in Poland to bang bars and see who will come out on top. An old favorite Billy Bolt, the big kid who can seriously handle and manipulate a bike, made his return to racing in Poland after a serious leg injury that kept him out of the 2019 racing season. The injury was so serious that some people thought that Billy will never be competitive again. 



Well with that said Billy decided to make his return to racing and show everyone that he is more than capable of racing at the front and took two heat wins, one second and with all of that the overall victory in Krakow, Poland. 

Riders that lined up were Billy Bolt, Taddy Blazusiak, Johnny Walker, Alfredo Gomez, Blake Gutzeit and Pol Tarrez. All of the riders were eager to win and in top form for the race. From the first gate drop it was bar banging racing between the riders. Billy and Tady banged bars coming into the first rocky turn with both losing their balance and almost falling ! This was the start of the battle between the 2 front runners in this race.With Billy out in front Taddy was doing the hunting but Billy was too precise with his lines and made minimal mistakes throughout the race leading him to the number one spot, Taddy taking the number two spot and Alfredo Gomez rounding of the top three for the first race of the evening. 


Gate 2 dropped and the riders were all over each other ! Riders funneling in for the perfect lane trapped Billy inside and Taddy and Walker was out front to set the pace for the second race of the evening. Taddy slowly started to gain moment but Billy was hungry and determined to get to the front. After 2 laps Billy fought the the pack holding him back and only a few riders were left in his way to reach Johnny and Taddy. Johnny knowing that Billy is on his way and his own desire to perform the pressure was too much for a moment and he lost concentration resulting in him losing his balance in the rock bed and getting stuck. This gave Billy and Alfredo the opportunity to pass Johnny. Billy locked his eyes on Taddy that was not too far ahead of him now.  Billy was making up ground on Taddy but he was unable to catch him and Taddy took his first win of the night with Billy in second, Alfredo in third and Johnny in fourth.


Third and final race for the evening and Taddy took the lead with Johnny in second and Billy in third. After the second turn Billy jumped into second place and chased after Taddy. After one lap Billy passed Taddy by jumping into the inside of the rocky corner and getting the drive out first to take the lead. From there on the the chase was on Billy but Taddy and the others had no luck in catching Billy. Each lap Billy extended his lead and made no mistake, only needed to navigate through the traffic ahead of him. Johnny made a mistake in the rocky turn and went flying into the rocks when his bike landed on a big rock bucking him off. This set Johnny back into fourth and Alfredo back into third.

The overall standings for the night : 

  1. Billy Bolt :                       1-2-1   -   Overall winner

  2. Taddy Blazusiak :        2-1-2   -   Second Overall

  3. Alfredo Gomez :           3-3-3   -   Third Overall 




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