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Adam Cianciarulo Wins Monster Energy Cup 2019 !

Adam Cianciarulo Wins the 2019 Monster Energy Cup. Defeating the Eli Tomac the 2 time Moster Energy Cup defending champion.

The Monster Energy Cup of 2019 was held in Las Vagas, United States. The 9th annual Monster Energy Cup hosted 34.545 spectators in stadium and $100,000 prize money for the 450 pro winner of 2019.

This iconic event marked Adam Cianciarulo's first 450 pro event on his factory Kawasaki KX450F. If you want to see a full detailed review of Adam's factory 450 click here to see what makes his bike unique :

Fighting with the big boys Adam showed his capable from the first gate drop of the night. In main event #1 Adam ripped up the ground to take the hole shot with Malcom Stewart and Jeremy Martin who both made their return after their serious injuries in the previous racing season. Cianciarulo made a small mistake early on by washing out the front end sending him back to fifth. Getting back on the bike and chasing the front runners for the remainder of the race, Adam managed to finished second behind his team mate Eli Tomac.

Main event #2 Adam had a bad start finding himself buried 14th at the start of the race. Adam showed his determination and will power to succeed in an impressive push from 14th to 2nd. This excellent performance tied Adam with Malcom Stewart and Eli Tomac for the $100,000 money prize and 2019 Monster Energy Cup title. To see how Adam pushed up to 2nd click on the link :

Main event #3, the final and deciding race of the evening between Adam, Malcom and Eli for the winner of the six figure payday. Adam grabbed the hole shot with Tim Gasjer and Eli Tomac close behind. A few turns in Adam got off balance sending all three riders at once into the corner but no positions were switched up. When Eli Tomac passed Tim Gasjer in the following corner the nine lap battle between the two factory Kawasaki riders took place. Finishing strong with a wheel length to spare, Adam the rookie showed great technique determination and took the event win, overall win and a perfect six figure pay check to end off his 2019 season.Click here to see what a nine lap battle looks like :

On the podium Adam said : "My first thought was, 'What I life I get to live!' That whole race I knew he was behind me. We had a gap and I knew it was going to come down to the Joker Lane and - just the opportunity to race with Eli. He's accomplished so much and just to be out there on the track with him. I'm stoked to be out there. Honestly, I always looked up to Eli and so just to be out there racing with him is unreal. And to come out on top of my first race is, I just can't ask for anything better..." .Cianciarulo also showed some insight into a racer's development when asked if the win taking place in the stadium where his Supercross championship slipped away gave him a sense of redemption. "It's a little bit of redemption but to be honest with you I look at Vegas now - after winning the outdoor motocross championship - I look at Vegas as something that helped me get there. I really don't look back on that race and think, 'Oh, man.' I think it's really helped me grow. And what a better way, to get a Monster Cup win in 450. I always love coming here, even that night, it sucked, obviously, but I love Vegas and I'm just so grateful, can't say that enough."


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